National Girl Child Education Intervention Fair And Summit (NGCEIF)

The National Girl-Child Education Intervention Fair and Summit (NGCEIF) is a leading platform for showcasing of best practices and Intervention Strategy in the Education Empowerment of the Girl-Child in Nigeria.

The key objective of the NGCEIF and Summit has been that of promoting and ensuring best practices, moulding a dynamic and more responsive intervention strategy which served as a template or guide to practitioners and funders in the area of Girl-Child Education

NGCEIF and Summit brought key Stakeholders in Education and leaders together to map out strategy for the purpose of reshaping the future of education in the country – especially as it affects the Girl Child and to make the right decisions with significant impacts on our world.

The summit is an invaluable annual event for NGO’s, CSO’s, partners/donors and stakeholders to expand the frontiers of their organizations and committments to society through sharing of experiences, exhibiting their intervention initiatives, challenges and corporate social responsibilities.