About Yakubu Gowon Foundation

Yakubu Gowon Foundation (YGF) is registered as a Private, on-Governmental Organisation (NGO), non-religious, non-political and nonprofit foundation that leverages on a sustainable government-donor and community partnership for development.

The Foundation strives to be at the frontline of social transformation and community development in Nigeria and beyond.

YGF was founded in 2008 by Dr. Mrs. Victoria Hansatu Gowon with the support of an appreciative and appreciated ‘Committee of Friends’ in honour of General Dr Yakubu Gowon, GCFR, who appropriately serves as its Patron and from whom the Foundation draws its inspiration for service, patriotism, integrity and love.
The Foundation’s programmes commenced in 2010. Since then, the Foundation has made its mark in the sector and laid a solid foundation for growth, both organizationally and programme wise.

Our Mission

To support the growth of communities in heathcare, education, agriculture and peaceful building in a sustainable manner, YGF adopts the following objectives:

  • Identifies and preserves key legacies and ideals of its Patron for the benefit of society.
  • Recognizes various laudable efforts and initiatives aimed at bringing relief to communities and builds on them in order to fill existing development gaps.
  • Believes that inclusive social development is essential in filling development gaps in communities and seeks relevant sustainable local innovations and initiatives towards realizing set goals.
  • Focuses on its thematic areas of Health, Education, Agriculture and Peace building (HEAP) within the framework of National Policies and Global Focus.
  • Subscribes to strategies, engagements, partnerships and communication as necessary components of its programme implementation.
  • Upholds the integrity, passion for service, teamwork, excellence, statesmanship and simplicity as core values in all it does and seeks to inculcate same in its partners.

Our Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the policy direction of the Foundation. It is made up of people of high integrity and standing in the society.

Dr. (Mrs.) Victoria H. Gowon, CON

Chairman Board of Trustees

Amb. Moses Ihonde

Member Board of Trustees

Prof. O.O. A Fasanya

Member Board of Trustees / Chairman Governing Council

Dr. (Mrs.) M.C. Yaroson

Member Board of Trustees / Governing Council

Barr. Okey Akobundu

Member Board of Trustees / Governing Council

Prof. Theresa Nmadu.

Member Governing Council

Mrs Hadiza Miner Esq.

Member Governing Council

Management Team

The Management Team executes the policies and programmes of the Foundation in accordance with laid down procedures and ensures that tasks are dutifully executed to meet targets and in a responsible manner. They are:

Program Director

Head of Administration


M & E Officer

Core Programme Officers

Desk Officer



core areas


In the past 50 years, the demand for food has skyrocketed, but productivity has fallen. This is because those who are supposed to farm are leaving the villages for the urban areas in search of white-collar jobs. To worsen this situation, the farming population in the country is gradually aging and diminishing. Consequently, there is an increasing need to inculcate the love of farming in youngsters, in order to check this trend; the Foundation has initiated a School Farm Project to raise the interest of students in secondary schools in the area of agriculture.


Education shapes the life chances of people and the well being of societies. Sustainable development and the eradication of poverty can only be achieved with quality inclusive education for all young people especial the girl child. Since girls face greater obstacles in the North and in furtherance of its objectives in the area of education, the Foundation has come up with a Scholarship Scheme for indigent girl – students in some states in the North of Nigeria as its contribution to bridge the wide gap in learning between boys and girls. Other programmes include:

  • Annual Sensitization Forum on Girl- Child Education
  • Annual National Girl Child Education Intervention Fair and Summit (NGEIF)
  • Establishment of Community Learning Centres for girl-child drop outs.


Health is Wealth. YGF holds strongly to this saying and through its health programmes seeks to fill the vacuum in Community Health by creating awareness about  good health and healthy living.

 In Medical Research, YFG Collaborates with health organizations, hospitals and Ministry of Health,  to identify specific health problems and conduct research that will be able to proffer solutions aimed at improving the health status of the citizenry.


The Challenge of peaceful and harmonious coexistence in many societies appears to be on the increase and becoming daunting as the incidents of violence and violent resolutions of conflicts tend to replace hitherto peaceful means of attaining same. It is increasingly becoming clear that in spite of huge resources expended by government at various levels to attain peace and create peaceful communities, peace remains very elusive and mutual suspicion is fast gaining roots in most heterogeneous communities. Indeed the challenge is so serious that Nigerians are today beginning to question the rationale for our common existence.

YGF recognizes the fact that existence of peaceful communities is not the absence of conflicts but the presence and acceptance of mechanisms for the attainment and sustenance of peace within such communities. It also appreciates that without peace there will be neither development nor communities. YGF is taking on the challenge to develop a new generation of peace conscious and practising Nigerians who will be schooled in the values and attitudes that enhance peace through its programs like :-

  • General Gowon Peace Walk.
  • Stakeholders Forum on Peace Building that identified five initiations as “Common Grounds” to be collectively protected as neutral institutions like Health Centres, Schools, Market , Water sources and Offices.
  • Trauma Awareness and Sensitization Programme.
  • Youth Peace Football Club

Our Donors & Partners

About us

The Foundation strives to be at the frontline of social transformation and community development in Nigeria and beyond.

Our mission

Our Vision is to build a values-based Foundation that supports communities in accessing sustainable healthcare, education, agriculture and peaceful building through strategic partnerships.